About us

What we do

At Plumbing Johannesburg, we provide a great service with excellent reliability.  We focus on keeping it professional.  Our workmanship is guaranteed and our products are all 100% SABS approved.  We perform our services to the highest of standards and employ the best staff to carry our brand into your home/office.

Family run, self motivated

Plumbing Johannesburg was originally started by Rowan Harmuth in early 2008.

After completing his LLB degree, Rowan found his interest in the plumbing industry and working with his hands. He completed his apprenticeship with a well-established company that gave him experience in maintenance (specialising in insurance claims) as well as construction.

Rowan has a great deal of business knowledge acquired throughout his studies at university, and was therefore able to apply this knowledge in starting his own business. Rowan is passionate, committed and a driven entrepreneur who works with his team of reliable plumbers to ensure efficient and quality workmanship.

Geoffrey Harmuth has recently joined the company to help facilitate and implement processes to cope with increased growth in this very competitive sector.  Geoffrey is a qualified Chartered Accountant and brings with him a host of invaluable financial and business processes expertise.  Geoffrey is in charge of the companies financial success and continued growth.

We are growing fast

When Rowan started 10 years ago, it was just himself, his tools and 1 plumber.  Today, Plumbing Johannesburg has now grown to 8 teams operating 6 days a week specializing in all aspects of the plumbing trade.  Our growth is exponential year on year and is matched only by our motivation to become the best plumbers in Johannesburg.

We create a learning culture

All our staff are hand picked and trained to adhere to our motto of being Reliable, Friendly and Professional.  Training and feedback are continuous, whether it be implementation of new technologies or understanding a new product, staff at Plumbing Johannesburg are always learning!

We are proud members of the NBI (National Business Initiative) which supports the upliftment and training of young talent looking for a start in the industry

We care about Johannesburg.

Plumbing Johannesburg is a proud supporter and co-founder of Just the One Foundation (www.justtheone.org.za). The Just The One Foundation is a Non Profit Organisation with the singular focus of providing education to underprivileged young South Africans. We work through an organization called the Alexandria Education Committee and currently fund children’s school fees, textbooks, and uniforms, in the aim to better the lives of underprivileged South African’s through education.


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