Plumbing Johannesburg is Techno Savvy!

At Plumbing Johannesburg we believe in up to date technology as well as investing in future technology to help our business grow.  We are constantly improving the work of our plumbers and customer experience by making use of technology ensuring our plumbing business remains relevant. Our fleet of service vehicles are fitted with the latest[…]

Mixing copper and galvanized pipes is a bad idea.

Why mixing copper and galvanized pipes is a bad idea in your home.   If you are the proud owner of an older home in one of the more vintage neighborhoods in South Africa, you are probably aware of the old galvanized or “Steel” Plumbing pipes in your home.   No doubt you have had more[…]

3 Top geyser tips

Chances are that you’ll never need to put in a geyser claim anytime soon. But – what if the odds are not in your favour and your geyser “decides” to come apart in spectacular fashion? Wouldn’t you rather have your insurer pay for all the damages? Take it from us: make sure you get buildings insurance in[…]

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