Blocked Drains

drainBlocked drains are messy! As well as being unhygienic, they can also cause flooding and property damage, and require fast attention. Fortunately, Plumbing Johannesburg’s emergency plumbers are experts in the clearing of all types of drains and sewer pipes, and can be counted on to arrive promptly, with the right equipment for the job.

Our fully qualified and experienced emergency plumbers can clear any blocked drain or waste pipe quickly and efficiently. We can also be relied upon to give honest, expert advice on the state of your drains and sewer pipes and, if required, give you advice and a quote to repair or replace damaged sections of sewer and waste pipes.

Depending on the severity of the blockage, you may be able to unblock the drain yourself, see our guide on how to unblock a drain here

Alternatively, give us a call on 011 465 0198.  Whatever blockage, you can count on Plumbing Johannesburg as your reliable experts on blocked drains and drain cleaning in Johannesburg.

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Blocked drain cleaning and drain repairs

At Plumbing Johannesburg we usually clear drains using a drain rooter machine. Its main advantage is that it can cut through tree roots and other hard obstructions, clearing your drain and waste pipes so we can flush them through.

Once tree roots have found a way into your drain and sewer pipes, they will continue to grow back as they rely on the water as a food source. Cutting tree roots is not permanent and will always grow back. If tree roots are present, Plumbing Johannesburg recommend having your drains cleaned every 4 months to keep the unnecessary smells at bay!

Should we find that your drain has collapsed, we may then recommend drain replacement or trenchless relining.

When scheduling a plumber to clear blocked drains and waste pipes, we usually allow 30 – 60 minutes labour, however this is dependent on individual circumstances.

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If you are experiencing any issues with slowed or blocked drainage, we recommend getting it seen to as soon as possible as it can become a serious problem fast.

Plumbing Johannesburg have the equipment and expertise to clear all types of blocked drains and sewer pipes, on both residential and commercial premises, and our qualified plumbers are guaranteed to always arrive on time with the right equipment for the job.

We do not charge a call out fee, our price to unblock a drain is all inclusive, this means that we do not slap you with “extra charges” on your invoice.  What we quote is what you get. Give us a call for a no obligation quote in under a minute.


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