Burst Geyser


Whether your geyser is new or old, big or small, Plumbing Johannesburg can repair it fast with minimum fuss. Our fully qualified plumbers can repair and install geysers for both domestic and commercial clients.

We guarantee to always arrive promptly with service vans filled to the roof with stock. 99% of our geyser system issues are fixed in one visit without requiring a trip to supplier, so you never need take a cold shower.

Just give us a call on 011 465 0198.

Give us a call and we will transfer you to one of our fully qualified hot water plumbers, who can give honest, expert advice on how to resolve your hot water problem, both correctly and cost-effectively.


No hot water?

One of the most common causes for lack of hot water in a house is due to a damaged thermostat and geyser element.  These components of a geyser are easily replaced and do not require the removal of the geyser. However the geyser does need to be drained to replace an element.  This can take anything between 15 – 40 minutes depending on the size of the geyser.

Our fully licensed hot water plumbers will assess the overall age and condition of your geyser and advise on a whether or not your element or thermostat needs replacing.


Burst Geyser?

If we find that your geyser is beyond repair and/or burst, we stock a range of replacement geyser models by leading brands such as Kwikot and Duratherm. Our prices include full installation and basic electrical work to connect the new geyser to your existing electricity supply.

We can often do same day geyser replacements, but if our suppliers are closed or we are fully scheduled, we can organize a temporary solution to make you comfortable and save your water bill.


What to do?

With a burst geyser the first thing you should do is shut off the water supply, the main water shut off valves are usually located on the wall outside your kitchen or either just before or after your water meter.  Once the water has been shut off the next thing to do is turn off the power going to your geyser.  On your DB board turn off the switch labeled as geyser, if there is no label or you are unsure you could always turn off the main switch.  With both the water and electricity off your next step would be to open the hot water taps to help reduce the pressure inside the geyser thus slowing the flow of leaking water.


Now it is time to call your plumber or insurance company.  If you would prefer using your own trusted plumber you can always forward the plumbers invoice to your insurance company who would then pay out the value of your geyser, parts and labor minus your excess.  If you go directly through insurance they will appoint one of their approved plumbers who will contact you once they receive the claim from insurance.  Then you would pay your excess directly to the plumber.


Geyser Costs.

Geyser prices are variably dependent on the household insurance policy you belong to and therefore require an individual assessment of each situation.  For a quick quote on repairing or installing a geyser contact us and we will get back to you within an hour.







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