Heat Pumps

Plumbing Johannesburg supply and install heat pumps. We prefer to use Kwikot heat pumps and products as we have found that they are a reliable brand to work with.

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient domestic hot-water heating systems available, and with the right application can cut heating costs by utilising solar heat from the surrounding environment.

Heating geyser water is typically the largest energy cost in homes today. Approximately 75% of a heat pump’s heating energy comes from the environment while only about 25% of external energy (electricity) is needed to achieve a heat output of 100%. Domestic application in households to heat water in electric water heaters and solar water heaters

How a Heat Pump Works

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A heat pump will replace the current geyser’s electrical element, resulting in saving you money.

In effect, a heat pump will transfer heat from a source (air) that is sucked over the condenser, by means of an electric fan, to heat another source (water).

Latent heat energy of the air is transferred to the gas within the condenser coil, which pre-heats the gas and reduces the work that the compressor has to eventually do. The compressor increases the pressure and the refrigerant gas is heated as a result of the increased partial pressure.

The coefficient of performance (COP) is a measure of the performance of a heat pump. A typical value for COP is four. The heating capacity is four times the amount of electrical energy that is required from ESKOM. So, if the heat pump is powered by 1 kW of ESKOM power then the heating capacity will be the equivalent of a 4 kW heating element. The saving can therefore be up to 70% on water-heating costs, dependent on consumer usage patterns, ambient temperatures and the humidity of the area.

As in other refrigeration equipment, the heat-pump system employs an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser, refrigerant gas, and an expansion valve as its main components, forming a closed-heating circuit. A dedicated controller allows the user to set operational times and desired water temperature. Some factory pre-set values, and onboard error codes, ensure safety to the end user.


  • Heat pump: up to 70% savings on electricity usage costs for heating water
  • Smart controllers: easier installation and self programming
  • Low noise: below 55 decibels
  • No coal, oil or liquid gas is used: only ambient air, therefore no contaminating material being discharged and no air pollution caused
  • Hybrid system available (combined with solar water heating system): up to 90% electricity efficiency
  • Works under any weather condition, or time demand

Start saving on monthly energy bills by installing a heat pump: heat pumps are highly efficient for heating water and you can reduce your water heating bill by up to 70% depending on your usage.


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