Plumbing Johannesburg is Techno Savvy!

At Plumbing Johannesburg we believe in up to date technology as well as investing in future technology to help our business grow.  We are constantly improving the work of our plumbers and customer experience by making use of technology ensuring our plumbing business remains relevant.

Our fleet of service vehicles are fitted with the latest in GPS fleet tracking technology allowing our operations manager and central dispatch system to monitor where the vehicles are at any given time.  All our clients are pre-loaded and orders are dispatched to each team via the smart GPS.  Our teams never get lost!  The system also saves fuel by choosing the most efficient route.  Our customer service remains at the forefront of our business and by using technology we are able to ensure our teams are on time for their service calls as well as give each client an estimated time of arrival.

At Plumbing Johannesburg we take it even a step further by ensuring that each team is issued with a smart phone which enables us to manage our entire fleet digitally though digital job cards. Through our own developed App, we are able to boost efficiency and collect a wealth of data which we are continuously using to enhance the overall performance of our business.

Being techno savvy doesn’t only give us the edge on service delivery; it also allows us to contribute to the environment through a reduction in our carbon footprint!

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