Sectional title units and burst geysers

Sectional Title

So if you live in a complex it is more likely than not that you are under a sectional title ownership scheme.

In residential complexes, the body corporate generally insures the geysers on behalf of the owners although they are not obliged to do so. Depending on the policy, there will probably also be cover for replacement of fittings e.g. vacuum breakers, valves etc. and cover for water damage to the unit and movables therein.

There will also be excesses payable by the owner.

In the instance of  burst geysers and the resultant damage relating thereto, it is essentially the responsibility of the owner to deal with the burst geyser and to decide whether he or she wants to claim from the policy or not. There can be situations where the excess on the burst geyser is so high that the costs to repair the damage  may be less than the excesses and the geyser could also still have a manufacturer’s guarantee in place.

Important TIP – Check your Geyser code: the code tells you how old the geyser is. Assuming it is a kwikhot geyser (Most likely) you can give the guys a call and read out the code to find out if it is under warranty -> Their number is:  (011) 897 4600. Kwikhot geysers carry a 5 year warranty.

If the trustees wish to offer their services through their managing agent to assist an owner with organising the repairs and insurance claim, they most certainly would need to obtain the owner’s written approval of quotes prior to dealing with the damaged geyser and the owner’s written approval of acceptance of the workmanship of the plumbing contractor before payment is made by the insurance company and excesses charged to the owner.

The trustees have no right to incur expenses on an owner’s behalf without the owner’s approval.


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